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button.jpgKing-Cat logo in black on a white 1" diameter pin. Impress your New Wave friends! $1.00


KC Postcards.jpgImages from my sketchbook, circa 1998. Set of 16 different postcards on cream colored cardstock, comes in a little plastic pouch; 5.5" x 4.25", $3.00.


Heller in Tee for web.jpg(Our model, Mr. Jay-Bone Heller, "punks out" in his new King-Cat tee, circa 1993/1994.)

CLASSIC KING-CAT LOGO TEE-SHIRT: Black King-Cat logo professionally printed on unbleached (off-white) ORGANIC Tee-shirts; available in Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large. Prices for shirts INCLUDE POSTAGE, as listed below:

USA: $16.00
CANADA: $17.00


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OR CHECK THESE OUT: NMSD Tee.jpgNOT MY SMALL DIARY T-Shirts by John P. I designed this cat picture T-Shirt for Delaine's amazing auto-bio comix anthology, Not My Small Diary. Purchase at (available in four ink colors): Black Red Blue Brown



Some of you may know that although I don’t sell my original artwork pages from King-Cat, I do happily do commissioned work for people: Anything from portraits to landscapes to wedding invitations, you name it! I also regularly make customized hand-drawn reproductions of King-Cat pages upon request.

For some examples please see:
King-Cat MySpace Page
Picasa Page

Generally speaking, prices run about $100 for a black and white drawing on 9” x 12” bristol board (image size will vary); more for color, or larger sizes, less for smaller. The price is based on the complexity and size of the request.

If anyone is interested in getting some original artwork from me, please let me know! Any questions, just ask!

Thanks for your support!

LOVE John P.

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"A Revolution in Softness"

From 1985-1996, Spit and a Half Records released understated, honest music by such diverse bands as the Felt Pilotes, Circus Maximus, Flywheel, the Cannanes and the Virgo Snakes. Styles ranged from folk to pop to punk rock, but it all had the "Spit and a Half Sound." The following records are still available. Please give them a listen!

UPDATE: Many of the following releases are also available for high quality digital download at the Spit and a Half Bandcamp site! Check it out!

Seven-Inch Vinyl Singles:

Felt Pilotes Never Satisfied ep: Melancholy singing over sparse, folky arrangements make this the perfect record for rainy days and broken hearts. Includes "Never Satisfied", "Hey Jane" and "Walk On By." Slow, sad, pretty pop. 3 song 7" - $3.00

Felt Pilotes Moving Day ep: Spacier and more crooked than the first single, on their follow-up the Felt Pilotes sing more lonely songs in a shaky voice: simple-hearted folk-pop for a new age of Indecision and Desire. Includes "Moving Day," "Another Day" and "Kathy's House." 3 song 7" - $3.00

John P. and Bob S. Porky's Revenge / American Baby ep (Big Yucky/Spit and a Half co-release): 4 song split single by John of the Felt Pilotes and Bob of the Virgo Snakes. John's side gives us his quietest, saddest (and prettiest) yet, while Bob reflects on life and loneliness over ultra-distorted skronk. True blue inner sanctum rock. 4 song 7" - $3.00

Jon Pinnow Sweet Kansas (Newshole Radio/Spit and a Half co-release) Pure and tender, barely-in-tune acoustic love songs and lullabies. Like a freight train whistling through the midnight prairie, this record is lonesome and joyous at the same time! With special musical guests John P. and Robert Schneider (of Apples in Stereo). 3 song one-sided 7" - $2.50

AUSTRALIAN POP SERIES This was a series of split 7" singles by a bunch of great and underappreciated Australian groups.

Vol. One: CANNANES / SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE: This one features Sydney shamble-rock masters the Cannanes, giving us two minimalist songs (just Stephen's thrashing guitar and Fran's bittersweet singing) and the flip is a great rocker by S.W.E. (their US debut) that sways between a noisier Teenage Fanclub and a sweeter Sonic Youth. Wow, first orders get white vinyl! 3 song 7" - $3.00

Vol. Two: BLAIRMAILER / FLYWHEEL #2 features one tune each from the shambolic brother-duo of Michael and David Nichols (Blairmailer) and the catchy noisy guitar-rock quartet of Flywheel. Blairmailer is like an edgier Cannanes and their song "Phenomenal Trousers" skews all over the place, from wah-wah to bouncing bass, to a great fuzz guitar solo. Then Flywheel comes at you with "Been A While", dropping a power-pop bomb with a worried, full-ahead guitar attack. Rockin'. 2 song 7" - $3.00

Vol. Three: ASHTRAY BOY / CLAG This 45 RPM hoedown features Ashtray Boy's "Golden Fingers", a rollicking Pogues-esque shanty that'll stick in your head all day. On the flip, pop-rockers Clag destroy your sensibilities with "Bike" -- a down home country ode to a new blue, bike -- and then follow it up with "Running Amok," a blast of super-charged punk sludge that's closer to Flipper than anything that's been on Spit and a Half since Bryce Hammer. Personal biases aside, this is a great single! 3 song 7" - $3.00

Vol. Four: CAT'S MIAOW / STINKY FIRE ENGINE The final APS single is the poppiest of the bunch! Cat's Miaow gives us two tunes done in their buoyant acoustic style: the lovely "Smitten" and an ace cover version of Maxine Nightingale's 1970's smash "Right Back here We Started From." On the flip, Toytown wonders Stinky Fire Engine drop one of their addictive casio classics in "Flebus." This is a fun one: file under "Disco Music." 3 song 7" - $3.00

Compact Discs:

Felt Pilotes Wonderful Summer Features seven songs recorded by Robert Schneider at Elephant 6, including slow, sad classics like "Long Night", "Say Goodbye", and "Like a Storm" plus a few loud ones and even a happy song! The CD is rounded out with the previously unreleased "June My Dear" ep featuring the epic title track and two other favorites. Taking its cue from where the singles left off, this is minimalist, mainly quiet and mainly sad, folk-based rock and roll. Comparisons to bands like Galaxie 500, Velvet Underground, Neil Young and Nick Drake usually surface, and fans of introspective, slightly dysfunctional rock should check it out. 10 song CD, $10.00

Felt Pilotes Digital Tenderness This 2007 release is a homemade CD-R that compiles the two vinyl Felt Pilotes 7"s (Never Satisfied and Moving Day -- see above). It's a straight transcription from the actual vinyl, so expect a little surface noise! 6 song CD, OUT OF STOCK

Flywheel Dirty On The Shovel Flywheel's tremendous debut album. Noisy, garagey rock n roll numbers like "My Worst Fear", "Super Roadie", and "It's Been A While" (also available on 7" vinyl, see above) that vie for time with the haunting pop balladry of "Rod Stewart" (one of my favorite songs ever) and "Fridge" are just a portion of what this record's all about. From the chunky Power-Pop opener, "After All", to the loping regret of "It's Over", Dirty on the Shovel is a classic of Australian Pop. Seriously, there are few bands I believe in more than Flywheel-- it will be worth your while to give this one a chance! 13 song CD, cover art by David Nichols, $10.00

Virgo Snakes s/t (Big Yucky/Spit and a Half co-release) My friend Bob Schaefer was a money man-- he even worked on the Chicago Board of Trade for awhile-- but it didn't take too long for the greed of that world to sour in his stomach. One day he quit his job and started a punk band-- the Festering Rinyanyons. The Festers wrought their unique brand of mayhem across the Midwest for several years, fast becoming one of the finest purveyors of punk-noise-thrash throughout the land.

After the Festers imploded, Bob started the Virgo Snakes-- which is him on guitar and singing and Bob Lindell (ex-HEHS Marching Band) smashing the shit out of whatever junk he's added to his stripped down drum kit at the time. The noise they make as a duo is just as intense and out of control as the Festers, but something else has creeped in too-- a kind of melancholy pop weariness.

This is their self-titled debut album, collecting most of their early recordings, and it swings bi-polar between these two extremes of utter end of the line rage and broken-hearted pop introspection-- ragged but gentle too.

So, the paint by the numbers pop kids think the noise and anger are unsettling and the stay inside the line punk kids think the bare emotions and openess are wimpy, so where does that leave the Virgo Snakes? 13 song CD, $10.00