Miscellaneous King-Cat Resources


Westword (1994) Very old and somewhat innacurate article about my band, the Felt Pilotes.

Destroy All Comics #3 (1995) Interviewed by Jeff Levine, full color King-Cat cover. (I hope to get a transcription of this one up when I get a chance)

Westword (1996) Article on my hearing problems and how they affected my music career.

Paper, Scissors, Clocks (1998) Interviewed by Erik Farseth on Converse All-Stars (Chuck Taylors) sneakers

America? (1998) Interview by editor Travis Fristoe with thoughts on DIY and self-employment.

Onsmith Comics (2001) Online interview with illos by cartoonist Onsmith. (New link soon?)

The Comics Journal #241 (2002) Extensive interview by longtime friend (and future publisher) Zak Sally, Full Color King-Cat cover.

Westword (2003) Nice article by Jason Heller, from Denver’s weekly alternative paper.

SF Station (2005) Article about solo exhibition at Cartoon Art Museum.

The Onion / AV Club (2007) Interview with Jason Heller covers King-Cat Classix, punk rock, and pretzels.

Washington Post Express (2007) Comprehensive interview with LOTS of images, links etc.

Comix Club #4(2007) French language fan magazine includes comprehensive interview, plus comics and articles by cartoonists Fafe, Jonathan Larabie, Kevin Huizenga, David Lasky, Lolmede, and Dave Kiersh in which they share their thoughts on King-Cat. (View Lasky’s contribution – in English – here.)

Daily Crosshatch (2007) A (sometimes too!) literal transcription of the talk I gave at Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis, 10/11/07, with photos: Part One Part Two

Utne (2007) short interview about time, zines, and Zen.

Inguine MAH!gazine (2008) Italian language interview, plus King-Cat comics in Italiano!

Containing Multitudes(2008) Online article by John P. on Thoreau at Walden.

School Library Journal (2008) Interview regarding Thoreau at Walden.

20 Cartoonist Questions (October 2008) 20 Questions with Austin English on the process of making comics.

The Walrus (2009) Trip to Canada, Hank Williams, and the Bears.



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John P. at SPX, 1997
John P. at Kilgore Books, July 2008
John P./Noah Van Sciver at Kilgore, December 2008
John P. Defies Gravity and Sings! Kilgore Books, May 2009
John P. at Wax Trax, Nov. 2009
John P. at Wax Trax #2, Nov. 2009

Felt Pilotes Reunion, Denver 2007
Felt Pilotes, 2007 – “Never Satisfied”
Felt Pilotes, 2007 – “Song of Love”
Felt Pilotes, 2007 – “Say Goodbye”
Jon Pinnow w/ John Porcellino – “Goodnight, rockers”



Cindy Center (2005)
Inkstuds (2007)
The Comix Claptrap (2008)
Watson and the Shark (click “This time…”) (2009)
Indie Spinner Rack (2009)



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Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man
The Comics Journal
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School Library Journal (interview)
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