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4-Issue Subscription
U.S.A. — $20.00
CANADA — $22.00

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Current and Back Issues:

#82 – December 2022

Features: Michi Moo Love, Nature Notes, lots of stuff about 7-11s (and video games and Conan’s Savage Sword); plus: Walking Slowly in the Backyard, Wooden Toothpicks, Dreams, Driving Country Roads, Catbird Talk, Letters, and more! 32 jam-packed digest-sized pages in glorious black and white. (Spit and a Half)

#81 – November 2021

The epochal thrills of Medicine Cabinets, Garbage Days, and the decline and collapse of American Empire all come together in this new issue. Plus: Sparrows in the Rain, Faded Hearts, Where’s Miss Moo, James Brown vs Prince, Monobrow, Letters, and all the rest. 36 digest pages, black and white throughout. $5

#80 – December 2020

This daring 2020 issue features: Married, Young Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Feeding the Birds, Squirrels, Dreams, Letters, Top 40, Mom, Childhood Neighbor, Flowers, and a Chimpanzee. YES A CHIMPANZEE. 44 digest pages in glorious black and white.

#79 – October 2019

Too long in the making, the new issue is here at last! Features: High School Memories, Backyard Dog Comix, A Visit to the Mystery Spot & Dickeyville Grotto, Grandpa John, Beer Bottle Poem, Top 40, Letters, a SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST ARTIST, and more! 36 digest pages, black and white throughout. $5.00

#78 – May 2018

This issue features lots of funny animal stories like “A Story About Ninny,” “Lady Tuff ‘n’ Tender,” and “Nighttime Encounter with the Void”; tons of Nature Notes featuring Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle and “Shrews Thru History”; an extensive letters section with notes from T.E. Bak, Megan Kelso, and more; plus poetry, Top 40, a Zen Story, and the Usual Gang of Schtuff. 40 digest pages in eye-catching black and white. $5.00

#77 – May 2017

IMG_0067-e1494464213888-563x750This All-Animals Issue features stories on possums, dogs, cats, Midwestern mountain lions, moths, horses, frogs, toads, and more! Plus Catcalls and Top 40 etc etc. A winner. 40 digest pages, black and white throughout. $5.00

#76 – May 2016

IMG_8797The new issue features A Trip to the Confluence, Dreaming, Old People in Restaurants, Sports Radio, Fall Signs, Winter Signs, Radishes, Birds, and 9 pages of fascinating Letters to the Editor; more.  A Weird One — Not Bad. 32 digest pages, black and white throughout. $5.00

#75 – May 2015

KC75 Cover for web v2The long-awaited ALL-MAISIE issue is a book length story of my cat Maisie’s life history. 48 digest pages, $5.00.

#74 – November 2013

kc74coverKING-CAT COMICS #74 (November 2013): Newest issue has: Moving Day, Lying in Bed, Bridges of South Beloit, Body Odor Blues, Travel Comics, Bowser, Bat Love, Letters, Top 40, and more! 32 digest pages, b+w; $4.00

#73 – August 2012

KC 73 cover

New issue features that rascally Mr. Bowser, cat fun, In Search of the Cuckoo Bird, a Comix Dream (with cameos by Kevin H. and Anders N.), letters, a poem, Top 40, and more!  32 digest pages, in glorious black and white.  $3.00










#72 – Nov. 2011

kc72coverRecent issue features heartbreak, lonely skies, woodchucks, bats, cats, dreams, and radioactive squirrels; Top 40, more. 32 digest pages. $3.00