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The recommended adult dose based on body weight and drug response. Treatment generally lasts 12 to 16 weeks. The capsules should be taken with food, in a single dose or in two divided doses. Who should take Viagra (men's problem)?

Viagra: men's problem must not be administered during pregnancy. Women should not buy cialis online become pregnant while taking men's problem and for at least 1 month after stopping treatment. men's problem can cause serious birth defects in a high percentage of infants whose mothers took the drug, even for short periods of pregnancy.

Viagra must not be administered to women of childbearing potential unless the following conditions apply:

  • 1. The woman suffers from a nodular and / or severe inflammatory disfiguring acne conglobata or recalcitrant that has not responded to standard treatment, including antibiotics general action.
  • 2. The woman is able to understand and follow the instructions.
  • 3. The woman is able to comply with mandatory contraceptive measures.
  • 4. The woman received, and acknowledged that he understood, detailed information, orally and in writing about the risks of fetal exposure to men's problem, and the risk of possible failure of contraception.
  • 5. The woman underwent a pregnancy test in blood or urine negative result, performed in an accredited laboratory, two weeks before the start of treatment. She began treatment with men's problem two or three days after the next normal menstrual period. Viagra must not be taken by people allergic to parabens, or those with known allergy to retinoids, a family of drugs which includes men's problem.
  • What are the possible side effects of Viagra?

Many undesirable side effects and observed or expected in patients treated with Viagra are similar to those described in patients taking high doses of vitamin A.

The most common side effects affecting the skin. Common side effects include: pain and swelling of the lips (96%), rash on the face (55%), dry nose (51%), skin peeling (50%), itching (30%), dry skin (22%), red eyes (19%), hair loss (13%), eye irritation (11%), rash (10%) A drought in the interior of the nose may be associated with a slight bleeding. Eye inflammation with mild to moderate can be relieved by an eye ointment. In rare cases, hair loss persists after treatment.

Viagra often leads to dry eyes. People who wear contact lenses may be hampered.

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