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June 17, 2010

Welcome to King-Cat.net

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21st Birthday - JP.jpg

HOORAY!! TWENTY YEARS OF KING-CAT COMIX -- 1989-2009! (John P. gets his first tattoo, on his 21st birthday, 9/18/89; Photo by Laura Mars)

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Hi everyone! And welcome to the King-Cat Comics website… here’s how to get around:

-This HOMEPAGE (please scroll down...) lists News, Notes, Old News and so on about King-Cat related stuff. It’s updated regularly, at the beginning of each month, so check back often!

-The CATALOG lists all items currently for sale. The KING-CAT COMICS sub-page lists subscription rates and available back issues of the King-Cat Comics zine. The OTHER PUBLICATIONS sub-page is for non-KC comics, Book Collections, and other printed merchandise. BUTTONS and T-SHIRTS lists, well… Buttons and T-Shirts... but also a selection of musical releases, original artwork and zines, books and music by others that I help distribute!

-For complete ordering instructions, click on the HOW TO ORDER sub-page heading on the CATALOG pages

-For stores that carry King-Cat stuff, and other cool links, check the LINKS page

-Click MISC for an archive of King-Cat Interviews, Reviews, Podcasts etc.

-The rest of the pages are hopefully self-explanatory!

-If you have any questions, want to be added to the mailing list, or simply want to say hello, find out how to get in touch by clicking CONTACT

That’s it! Thank you for visiting, and ROCK ON! --John P.

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"I got so much trouble on my mind... refuse to lose..." --Chuck D.

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Sniffing out King-Cat related news since June 2005

- - - - - JULY 2010- - - - -


At the time this is posted I will most likely be somewhere in Nebraska, sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the cab of a rental truck. Yes, Ol' John P. is homeless once more.

Why, you ask? It has something to do with chromosomes and lizards: I'm moving down to Florida, child. I figured any town named after the founder of Mad Magazine is OK with me.

Please continue to use the Denver PO Box for all orders and correspondence, unless you have personally heard otherwise from me... I'll be in Gainesville for a month or so, knocking out the new King-Cat (#71), which will be available just before I leave for my West Coast Tour in mid-August. West Coast Tour, you ask? Yes. Noah and I are gonna be hitting up Minneapolis (West Coast of the Mississippi!), followed by Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, before alighting once more in our fair city of Denver, where we're gonna shoot out the lights with a KC 71 Release/Tour-ending/Birthday/Farewell Denver Party at Kilgore. And then I'm going back to Gainesville. Details on all this will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, thanks everybody! See you on the road!

John P.

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I've posted an in-depth tour diary from my Spring Tour up on my BLOG if you wanna check it out.

Here are some links to articles about that last tour:

Chicago Zine Fest article
Review of Houston signing
Austin illos
More to come!

As I mentioned a few months ago, I've started up my old Zine & Comix distro, SPIT AND A HALF again... you can check out the merch at the new Spit and a Half site. Feel free to add any of these to your King-Cat orders! (New stuff will be added within a few weeks, too!)

Lastly, an online archive of selections from KING-CAT COMICS is going up at Jordan Crane's new site, What Things Do. Look for new (old) comics to be added regularly, as well as some really new stuff now and then.

Thanks everybody!
John P.

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Quick Links:
Photo Journal of my Fall 2009 tour.
Gabrielle Bell's fantastic comics Blog.
Profanity Hill
Comets Comets
Old Denver Photo Archive (1980s-90s)
Croatian Comics

Map mock cover.gifIn other news: My new book collection from D+Q, Map of My Heart, is AVAILABLE NOW! It contains most of the work that originally appeared in King-Cats #51-61, from 1996-2002; plus: notes, unpublished comics and otherwise "bonus" material. (More info here.)

Map of My Heart reviews:
High-Low Comics
Syndicate Product

We Are independently Wealthy
Rain Taxi
Le Vif: English / Français

Also available NOW: the brand new issue of KING-CAT (#70), a new zine collection of poetry I wrote during my "Elgin Years," 1997-2002, called ON RUBY HILL, and a reprinting of the classic KING-CAT SKETCHBOOK POSTCARD SET. Click on CATALOG for more info!

And lastly the long lost CLASSIC KING-CAT LOGO TEES are finally back in stock! More info here.


John Porcellino comics-form interview by Noah Van Sciver (Comics Journal #299)
New! Distributed Titles (click link and scroll down)
New Thoreau at Walden interview (Rain Taxi)
New Thoreau at Walden review (Newsarama)
Tour Photos
NEW Original Art for Sale!
Anthill at Walden Pond Video by John P.:

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KC70 cover small.jpgKING-CAT #70 AVAILABLE NOW: Marking the King-Cat 20th Anniversary, this brand new issue features: Depression, Meds, Alcohol; Them There Skweezils; Frustration, Diogenes, and Square-Head John (Return to Trinidad); plus: LOTS MORE. Not as sad as one might think. 36 digest pages, $3.00 in USA. See Ordering Page for instructions! Thanks.

KING-CAT TEE-SHIRTS BACK IN STOCK!Heller in Tee for web.jpg Click here for info.

THE "SOCIAL NETWORKING" TREND: Hey kids, this old fart is getting with the program, and now I'm not only on Facebook, but there's a King-Cat Facebook Group and a MySpace page too! Check it out if u want and thx for the add u rock!!!!!

YOUTUBE DELITE: We recently got a high-speed connection, so now, after years of making fun of YouTube, I'm addicted. Here are my monthly recommendations:

December List: Too tired to post.......

July List:
Big Electric Cat
Screaming Jay
Unauthorized but Charming
Nick Lowe on TOTP
Tiny Tim - There'll Always Be An England
Cat's Miaow
Ain't With Bein' Broke

June List:
Quimby The Mouse
Hot Cars
Charlie Rich sings "Feel Like Goin' Home"
Soul Asylum Medley (1987)- Judge/"Comedy" Routine/Sun Don't Shine
Sid Hemphill & Lucius Smith -"Come On Boys, Let's Go to the Ball"
George The Animal Steele Falls in Love
Rosa Lee Hill - Bullyin' Well

May List:
Best Music Video Ever
2nd Best Music Video Ever
Goodnight, rockers
Lynda Barry - Boys & Girls!
Misc. Patrick Porter


TAC at Eagle's Club 89.jpgMy old band T.A.C. live at the Eagle's Club in DeKalb, 3/7/89; L-R Donal, John P., Jenke. Photo by Greg Dunlap.


I found this photo of my old band King Archie, circa 1989, on my friend Laura's blog
L-R: Donal, John P., Steve, Laura. Those were different days...

NEW JOHN P. COMIC AVAILABLE ONLINE: A comic I did about my fabled trip to Vancouver in 1994, is up on the Walrus Magazine website. Check it out, it's even got color!

a swan at smiley's.jpgA SWAN AT SMILEY'S: This amazing album by my good pal Patrick Porter has just been released in a DeLuxe Edition by Greyday Records of Portland. It features 16 whopping tales of Queen City madness, and I wrote the liner notes! Beautiful, sad, funny, one-man Colfax rock n roll. Do yourself a favor and buy this record! You won't be disappointed. Comes with an amazing full color fold-out booklet, PLUS the 12 song "Cry Me A River, Sing Me A Raft" LP is included in mp3 format at no additional charge!

Hear music samples at Patrick's Myspace page.
And More.

name_dateORIGINAL ART FOR SALE! Please click here for info on getting some hand-crafted King-Cat artwork! My creditors thank you!

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KING-CAT EVENTS: June - July 2010

JP at Boulder for web.jpg

ABOVE: John P. at Boulder, Colo. signing; (photo by Delaine Derry Green).


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COMICS ANTHOLOGIES: King-Cat material can be found in the following "recent" comic anthologies: Kramer's Ergot #6 (Buenaventura Press) (all new comic); What'Cha Mean, What's a Zine (Houghton Mifflin, ed. Mark Todd & E.P. Watson) (all new comic); Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons and True Stories (Vols. 1 & 2) (Yale University Press, edited by Ivan Brunetti) (reprints selections from King-Cat #63, etc); Best American Comics 2006 & 2007 (Houghton Mifflin) (reprints "Chemical Plant / Another World" from the Mosquito Abatement Man book and "Country Roads - Brighton from King-Cat 65).


COMING SOON-- King-Cat 71 (self-published), The Hospital Suite (all new graphic novel) Spring 2011 (D+Q) ... etc etc.

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